3 - Game Sprite

On its own, our Bird Sprite doesn't do anything - we need to import it in another Sprite. Open src/index and replace the starter code with what's shown on the right.

Firstly you'll see we've made a new Game Sprite. This is our top-level Sprite which contains our entire game.

Again, it has a render function returning an array of Sprites. In this case, we return our Bird Sprite we just made. We need to pass a locally unique id prop to any custom Sprites we've made - here we pass an id of "bird" by calling the Bird Sprite like Bird(props).

1import { makeSprite } from "@replay/core";
2import { Bird } from "./bird";
4export const Game = makeSprite({
5 render() {
6 return [
7 Bird({
8 id: "bird",
9 }),
10 ];
11 },